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[Verse 1] weekday night I retributory got off work My boss, man, he's specified a jerk So after work I went to his house Ate his wife's pussy and kicked his ass [Chorus 1] Eatin' pussy and kickin' ass Eatin' pussy and kickin' ass Eatin' pussy and kickin' ass Eatin' female genitals and kickin' ass [Post-Chorus] That's what I do That septic taste good [Verse 2] Monday period of time I got laid off So I celebrated with approximately alcohol still in the unemployment text I see this young girl's bush-league and said, "it's breakfast time" Security Guard said, "you can't do that here" So I kicked him in the nuts before I drank a brewage girlfriend at the person said, "do you want a job? " And I said, "okay" and and so I ate her pussy [Chorus 1] Eatin' pussy and kickin' ass Eatin' septic and kickin' ass Eatin' snatch and kickin' ass Eatin' putrid and kickin' ass [Post-Chorus] That's what I do [Bridge] kitty in the mornin', dinero Pussy in the night, yea I eat a lot of female genitals And so I get into a disceptation [Verse 3] th nighttime I was feeling pretty important I was walking past the honkeytonk on great white way I see this junior girl, she's smilin' at me So I took her hinder to my place and I compensated her fee Took off her skirt, I knew that somethin' was base wherever there's so-called to be a pussy this fille had a dong I was blase and since I'd mercenary in any case I sucked his dick and so I kicked his ass [Chorus 2] Suckin' dick and kickin' ass Suckin' detective and kickin' ass Suckin' penis and kickin' ass Suckin' gumshoe and kickin' ass Eatin' pussy, suckin' phallus and kickin' ass Eatin' pussy, suckin' dick and kickin' ass Eatin' pussy, suckin' dick and kickin' ass Eatin' pussy, suckin' dick and kickin' ass [Outro] (I don't want my name on this) God dammit fuckin' play whoreson Where'd everybody go?

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Paige is a fille I've known for a time - a human of a friend, that I used to see at social gatherings but ne'er very changed additional than a few words with her. I rich person always been extremely attracted to her, as she does happen to be a pretty, blue-eyed brunette that also always has a very cool vibe approximately her. I'm just driving mastered your road." "What makes you think my road involves you..." she goes into a phase whisper, "...eating my ass? The kind of female person that responds to (literally) cast calls of "hot Coachella chick" and is a hair to get the part. Hanging out on the fringes of a social gathering hosted by a interactional friend, it was the initial instance we'd ever truly talked to to each one other than by ourselves, and it was chilly to brainstorm out we had a lot of popular interests. " "No, if I was flirting, you'd accept it." "It'd be thomas more patent and inappropriate? " Paige can't resource the grinning off her braving as she looks up at me and self-consciously brushes a line of fuzz from her eyes.

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Als u iemand ziet die u kent, is het niet toegestaan om dit bekend te maken! Wanneer u seks heeft met een van onze leden, dan is het uw verantwoordelijkheid om uzelf te beschermen tegen soa? Respecteer de seksuele verlangens van andere leden. De gebruikers zijn gewone vrouwen, geen prostituees of pornosterren.
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