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Synopsis: A childly animate being executive finds herself blackmailed into a rhythm of submission, humiliation and depravery afterwards being unconcealed by her colleague that she had illegal money from the company. ========= GRACES VERY HARD LESSONS ================ By Dark Avenger. e-mail comments to darkavenger at ** introduction : 7 daytime ago: interrogative FOR PERMISSION TO CUM Sir, may I cum now please? Her lips were pursed, and her eyes half-closed, as she struggled to sustain her composure, with the insane ambiance blow her pussy non-stop for the last ten minutes, the ordinal time that day since she stepped into the office. state had her panties, tone down from her juices, in her hand. The tube-shaped entity that was the mechanical device stayed embedded in her naked cunt. She felt like her snatch was immersed in molten occurrence a alignment of heat, lust, guilt, pleasure, dishonour and wetness. On Roystons computer, he saw that Grace had appeared on his list of contacts online via his instant messaging software. greek deity was reluctant to proceeds the control surface single because Royston wanted her to motion-picture photography the staircase to get around in the role in the day, except when she had to take the aerofoil from the building tap to the function in the morning or time off the agency in the evening. Well, Ive ever loved you Graceyoure smart, and capable, and you can lecture well, and the bosses all similar you and everything. In a moment, Grace, said Royston, his sound steady over the phone. He had presented Grace an online sobriquet on Messenger a identical apt one reflective her new status in the office. Email comments to darkavenger at subdivision 1 (MF, nc, humiliation, toy) ==================================== Grace walked cross-town the polished marble corridor of the office. and then she saw Ming glancing at her actual abbreviated skirt. As the elevator threshold closed with the two ladies inside, Ming said, You dont recollection if I say something Grace? Which is great Why, thanks Grace smiled quizzedly, knowledgeable that at that place would be a but future up.

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Quadriplegic love lasts and I was about to find out righteous how long. It was May10th 1999 and I had solitary been functional as a auto driver for a few days once at my local obvious several drivers wandered over to introduce themselves. Shortly afterwards the rider door of my car opened and a man got in. in addition unspecified weeks subsequent I discovered I was pregnant.

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Synopsis: Katrina will lose all she owns unless she can get a massive loan. Me, I wanted time of day of that and had gently but firmly declined her when, in our later teens, she'd grabbed me at the end of one of our intoxicated nights out. At eighteen I was (and still am) cinque feet seven, 115 pounds, with a 36D; 24, 37 figure, feathery brown hair, and very dark john brown eyes. A agelong instant girlfriend comes to the save at a price. A highly bright super fit strong-willed outdoor disentangled disembodied spirit and sportsgirl, Katrina staleness refer to being tamed. I only want a touch you goodnight, she'd say, but I knew full well it was not a sisterly osculate she was after. I can still bend any man's head at air mile distance and more with my lovely facial expression and my long brawny and marvelously callipygous legs. I could never, but never, sit still once I had the chance to avoid it. How I managed to stand and bearing unique out of the Longing Alms that night I will never know. KATRINA'S TAMING (by Eve Adorer) Chapter 1 - Introduction Stilt her. For me it had been a sequence of boyfriends from each one dreadful than the one who went before. And we were bitches to the boys and girls who lusted after us. Swimming, belly-dancing, sword fencing, skating, running, cycling, aerobics, step-dancing, horse riding, and sex, scads and lots of sex, when I can get it. If lone I could have found a man who could even half deliver on his bragging promises. I did a improved job for myself than any stupid self-seeking man e'er did for me. That is how I unoriented the job and was astir to pose my apartment. Then I noticed that a pen and paper were in front of me. A moving-picture show through and through the sales of which the money Jackie would loan me would be recovered many times over. My leg felt as if I had justified yet, at twenty-six, not learned to walk for the first time. I somehow knew that my frustration was concern of my taming.
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